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SEO also referred to Search Engine Optimization. SEO service is the process of improving the volume and quality of internet traffic to a website from search engines to fulfill the internet marketing purpose.

In Superweb, we offer our clients the facilities of optimizing and positioning of their website to execute Search Engine Optimization in Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc. SEO service specialists believe that it is the most important issue to master these 3 major search engine players. Quality SEO service works always our top priority vision and culture.

In order to get your SEO works the best, two major factors that have to be satisfied:
Factor 1
Placement & Maintenance of the website, and it need to be closely monitored throughout a period of time, 12 months is a standard period for it. Placement analysis is to find out the current status and ranking of the website for the SEO purpose; maintenance is a process to improve the online marketing ranking of the website.
SEO | SEO Service | Search Engine Optimization
Factor 2
The moment you avail the opportunity of our SEO Package, our designers will start their work very closely with the SEO specialists, to achieve the target of your Search Engine Optimization campaign.
SEO | SEO Service | Search Engine Optimization
How SEO Service Works
SEO | SEO Service | Search Engine Optimization
Client’s Site SEO Keywords Google 1st Page Project Year Live Result selangor resort Top 1 2011 food machine Top 5 2011 computer supplies Top 3 2011 petrol savers Top 1 2011 healthcare services Top 3 2011 moving services Top 1 2011 lubricant grease Top 2 2011 induction heater Top 4 2011 personal loan Top 2 2011 construction machinery Top 3 2011
Website competitive analysis Standard Standard Advance
Optimized keywords 2 5 10
Optimized web pages Max. 5 Max. 10 20
Max period of optimization 20 weeks 20 weeks 30 weeks
Guaranteed keywords on 1st page results of Google 2 keywords 5 keywords 10 keywords
Full refund if none of the keywords listing during optimization period NIL
Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing
Meta tags for title, keyword, and description
Optimization copywriting
Creation of robots.txt and sitemap.xml
Website structure optimization
Tuning and tweaking with updated search engine technology
Optimized for header tag
Optimized for image alternate text
Links management
Optimized anchor text
Article optimization
Press Release Optimization
Blog Optimization
RSS XML feed optimization
Google Analytics Management
Detail report on submissions
Analytic report
Intelligence report on competitors status
Link popularity report
Monthly ranking report
Website conversion management
24/7 phone support and online support
Contract Length 12 months 12 months 12 months
Price S$699 S$1499 S$2599
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SEO | SEO Service | Search Engine Optimization